A Voice for All: Jill Linta

After Election Day 2016, there were many times that I felt exhausted and alone, victimized and angry. It helped to train my focus outside of myself, and there was certainly no shortage of outrages to protest against. I volunteered as a legal observer at the Inauguration Day protests, marched with the Women’s March, returned to DC for the People’s Climate March. I was a legal observer for a KKK rally and an anti-Muslim rally in Harrisburg. I met a great number of brave, passionate people who encouraged each other and gave me hope. I’ve gained wisdom and draw strength from those whose battles began long before the Trump administration.
We are a nation built on the principle of inclusion. E Pluribus Unum: From many peoples, one society. If elected I will be accessible to all constituents and I will listen to their perspectives and concerns. Everyone deserves to be heard.