Here are Jill’s stances on some of the important issues facing our Commonwealth:

Health Care

  • Believes that in the richest nation in the world, no American should be without health care. None of us should have to file bankruptcy because we got sick. Medicare is a program that work and should be expanded to cover everyone.


  • Supports a shift away from fossil fuels and an increased emphasis on renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind.
  • Believes we must protect the planet from global climate change. Will vote on the basis of science-based research, not paid lobbyists.
  • Supports a severance tax on natural gas companies. PA is the only natural gas state that does not levy this tax.
  • Supports safety studies regarding the quality of drinking water and earthquake triggers for residents living near potential fracking sites.  Supports stronger rights for landowners against eminent domain.

Equality for All

  • Will champion anti-discrimination bills to add sexual orientation and gender identity to protected status.
  • Will champion equal pay for equal work.
  • Will challenge voter suppression and fight against gerrymandering so that no groups are disenfranchised.

Government Reform

  • Supports Senate Bill 22 and House Bill 722 to end gerrymandering.  Voters should choose their representatives; Representatives should not choose their voters.
  • Supports a full gift ban.  State employees cannot accept a bottle of water at training seminars, yet PA Senators and Representatives can accept vacations, cars and even cash.
  • Will not accept per diems or pay raises.  Expenses should be reimbursed with receipts only.
  • Will be accessible to citizens.  Will hold town hall meetings to hear the ideas and concerns of the people.

Voting Modernization

  • Supports Governor Wolf’s Voting Rights Reform proposals, including same day voter registration, “no excuse” absentee ballots, and early voting.
  • Supports voting technology upgrades and paper trails for all voting machines


  • Supports increased funding for early childhood education programs
  • Supports increased funding for public schools K-12, but with the caveat that measures be taken to eliminate waste and promote efficiency.
  • Opposed to the school voucher program. It takes money away from the school districts that need it most. I especially oppose tax dollars being used to support religious schools.
  • Believes property taxes are a good way to collect funding. However, there should be income standards, and those who earn less than a set amount, and those who have lived in the same house for over 30 years, should be exempt.
  • Opposed to standardized tests. Teachers should be free to engage students, not teach to a particular test.
  • Supports increased funding for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and community colleges.


  • Believes the debate should not be framed as Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life; it should be stated as Pro-Choice vs. Anti-Choice. No one likes abortion. But sometimes it is the wisest option, and that is a personal, difficult decision that those involved need to make on their own.  The government has no right to tell any woman what she can do with her body.

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